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Wolves 2-1 Manchester United: FA Cup quarter-final – live!

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Key events Show 5.31pm EDT 17:31 Goal! Wolves 2-0 Manchester United (Jota 76) 5.50pm EDT 17:50 Full-time: Wolves 2-1 Manchester United 5.49pm EDT 17:49 Goal! Wolves 2-1 Manchester United (Rashford 90+5) 5.39pm EDT 17:39 VAR: Lindelof red card overturned! 5.37pm EDT 17:37 Red card for Lindelof! VAR pending! 5.25pm EDT 17:25 Goal! Wolves 1-0 Manchester United (Jimenez 70) 4.59pm EDT 16:59 Peep! Live feed Show

5.56pm EDT 17:56

Raul Jimenez, who scored Wolves’s first goal and was brilliant tonight, speaks at pitch side: “It was an incredible night. We knew that we can create special things here. I think we want to make history and we want more.”

And here’s the Wolves captain, Conor Coady, who was a towering presence at the back and cool on the ball too. He’s grinning like a Cheshire cat: “We’ve got some phenomenal players going forwards. Two years ago we were in a bad place as a club and now we’re going to Wembley. I can’t tell you how proud we are. It’s a big thing for us. The club’s all pulling in one direction. It’s a special night.”

5.52pm EDT 17:52

Nuno applauds the raucous Wolves crowd, who played their part tonight, roaring their team on from start to finish. They’re in no mood to go home, either. They want to stay and belt out their songs into the chill midlands air at Molineux for a while longer.

5.50pm EDT 17:50

Full-time: Wolves 2-1 Manchester United

Seconds after the restart, Atkinson blows the full-time whistle. Wolves are on their way to Wembley after a fine display and an expert gameplan.

5.49pm EDT 17:49

Goal! Wolves 2-1 Manchester United (Rashford 90+5)

It’s late. Probably too late. Shaw scurries up the left wing and plays a low cross to Rashford who takes a lovely touch to dampen the cross before swivelling and driving home. A fine goal but too little too late.

5.48pm EDT 17:48

90+ 4 min: Dalot is booked for a tackle that was about a week late on Neves. And then Jimenez is substituted. He’s given a louder ovation than Jota. What a game he has had. He’s bang in form and up for the Cup.

5.46pm EDT 17:46

90+ 2 min: United play a dozen or so passes 20 yards out from the Wolves area that go backwards and forwards but never through the golden wall of defenders.

5.44pm EDT 17:44

90 min: Traore drills a shot wide. On this evidence, United will have to raise their game – and some – against Barcelona.

5.43pm EDT 17:43

88 min: Wolves fans are giving it the olés. United have nothing left to give. They can’t get a touch of the ball and that is worrying. Pogba has had as quiet a game as I’ve seen him have under Solskjær. They haven’t got to grips with Wolves’s formation all game.

5.41pm EDT 17:41

87 min: “The noise for the second goal was unreal!” roars Ben Simmons, above the din coming out of his TV. “Maybe its just the fancy microphones at the BBC, but that sounded as loud a celebration as I’ve heard in a long while. (Mandatory: TELL THESE WOLVES FAN THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE FA CUP ANYMORE!)“ Just wait for the final whistle.

Updated at 5.42pm EDT

5.41pm EDT 17:41

86 min: Lingard is off and McTominay is on. Matic is off and Mata is on. Traore replaces Jota for Wolves. The scorer of Wolves’s second goal is given a wonderful standing ovation. He’s been outstanding, as has Jimenez.

5.39pm EDT 17:39

VAR: Lindelof red card overturned!

84 min: After three minutes of looking at it, it’s deemed a yellow card offence. Weirdly, the replays made me think it was more likely to be a red as he took Jota’s standing leg. But it was a low sliding challenge and not a wild lunge, so maybe that’s fair.

Updated at 5.48pm EDT

5.37pm EDT 17:37

Red card for Lindelof! VAR pending!

81 min: This is turning into a horror show for United! Lindelof hares over to the touchline as Jota gets there first and thunders into a tackle. At first glance it looks like he’s trying to sweep the ball away and it should not be a red card. Let’s see what VAR thinks.

Updated at 5.37pm EDT

5.33pm EDT 17:33

78 min: Neves wallops a ball towards Jimenez that has Smalling shuffling backwards in a panic. He twists his head and nods the ball out for corner in a right dither. The Wolves fans roar like they’ve scored a third. United are on the ropes and their eyes are gone.

5.31pm EDT 17:31

Goal! Wolves 2-0 Manchester United (Jota 76)

Wolves play the ball forwards, Shaw hooks a half-hearted ball to the edge of the Wolves area that is cleared again and this time Jota picks it up and twists Shaw inside out before leaving him on the deck. The forward takes a touch into the area and fires the ball past Romero, who perhaps could have done better. What a counter-attack. Sharp as you like.

Updated at 5.57pm EDT

5.29pm EDT 17:29

75 min: United win a corner. It’s played short and clipped in and Wolves break and then …

Updated at 5.29pm EDT

5.28pm EDT 17:28

74 min: The Wolves fans are giving it plenty. And quite right too. They’re going to Wembley as it stands. They do all right there. They beat Spurs this season.

5.27pm EDT 17:27

72 min: Solskjæer shuffles his pack. Herrera is replaced by Pereira, who very quickly gets to business, driving a foot wide from 25 yards.

Updated at 5.27pm EDT

5.25pm EDT 17:25

Goal! Wolves 1-0 Manchester United (Jimenez 70)

He gets his shot away now all right. Moutinho dazzles with his footwork on the left, rolling back the years and ghosting into the box before sliding the ball square to the Mexican. He sees his path to goal blocked and takes a touch behind him, before swivelling and slamming home a low drive. A deserved lead for Wolves.

Updated at 5.31pm EDT

5.23pm EDT 17:23

69 min: Wolves are spreading the play delightfully from left to right without going forwards. Eventually, Jimenez clips a ball into the box to Jota, who tumbles to the turf behind Smalling, who uses his body well to stop the striker getting a shot away.

5.21pm EDT 17:21

67 min: Rashford fizzes his cross in as though it’s a shot. It moves viciously in the air and causes mild alarm in the Wolves area, as a defender just glances it away for a throw. Moments later Herrera has a nibble at Jota. He needs to be careful too, given he’s just picked up a booking.

5.19pm EDT 17:19

66 min: If veganism improves performance, I think the 22 players at Molineux should instantly make the switch. We need some entertainment. Manchester United win a free-kick wide on the left. Rashford stands over it.

5.17pm EDT 17:17

64 min: Neves sticks out a cynical boot to bring Lingard now in midfield. He has to be careful. He’s on a yellow card too.

5.16pm EDT 17:16

62 min: Wolves win possession back and Herrera slides in wildly on Jota and inserts his name into Atkinson’s little black book.

5.15pm EDT 17:15

61 min: Just as I write Wolves are on top, United have their best attacking spell this half. Shaw is clipped as he wins a header but Atkinson plays advantage. Herrera has go from 20 yards but his shot is blocked and then United keep the ball, probing carefully and enjoying not being on the back foot for once.

5.13pm EDT 17:13

60 min: The Wolves fans are making a right racket. And their tam is responding.

5.12pm EDT 17:12

58 min: Neves whips in a delicious ball from the right that is inches away from Jimenez, who only had to stick out a long, bony toe to score. And then Moutinho brings a fine save out of Romero with a vicious, dipping drive from 20 yards. Wolves are feeling this. They’re well on top this half.

Updated at 5.21pm EDT

5.11pm EDT 17:11

58 min: Gary Naylor can make you feel good. Or Gary Naylor thinks diet can make you feel good. He might be right, too.

Gary Naylor (@garynaylor999)

I'm not a good advert for not eating meat, but my kids are @GreggBakowski. My first winter with no dairy and I have neither sneezed nor coughed in 10 months.

March 16, 2019

5.09pm EDT 17:09

56 min: Shaw tries to work the space for a cross on the left, but he looks up to be blinded by gold shirts. United are really struggling to create. Could be worth considering Mata soon.

5.08pm EDT 17:08

55 min: Wolves win a corner. It’s a peach of a delivery to the penalty spot by Moutinho, who lands it on Jimenez, whose header is fizzing into the goal before Romero flings out a glove to divert it over. What a save that was! Who needs De Gea? That’s a joke, yeah?

5.06pm EDT 17:06

52 min: Rashford is booked after jumping petulantly into a tackle after Coady stole the ball away from him. He’s suspended from the semi-final if United get there. Matic too.

5.04pm EDT 17:04

50 min: Jimenez hoiks a shot over after getting a yard on Shaw, who does well to do some heavy breathing in the forward’s ear, perhaps putting him off.

Updated at 5.07pm EDT

5.03pm EDT 17:03

48 min: Wolves have taken control of the ball like they mean to keep it. But Neves has apparently had enough of this patient approach, though, and fires a dipping shot at goal from all of 35 yards out that fizzes wide by a yard.

5.00pm EDT 17:00

46 min: Rashford stretches his legs on the right and flashes a shot wide of the near post under intense pressure from Coady. Rashford’s sure first touch and electric pace was a sign they may step it up here.

4.59pm EDT 16:59


45 min: It’s the second half! Let’s hope it’s better than the first.

4.58pm EDT 16:58

Francis Mead writes: “The ‘problem’ is that VAR can’t clear up ALL decisions - but it can clearly help in a lot of other cases - so surely better over all to have it.” I agree but some handball decisions are just as tricky to deal with whether you have a replay or not.

4.56pm EDT 16:56

United are missing Lukaku’s presence here. Coady, Saiss and Boly are keeping their front three very quiet.

4.52pm EDT 16:52

Here’s Gary Naylor:

Gary Naylor (@garynaylor999)

Speaking to a Wolves season ticket holder a fortnight ago, he reckoned Doherty's big improvement this year was due to adopting a vegan diet @GreggBakowski. I've no corroboration, but it makes sense to me.

March 16, 2019

I’ve cut out a lot of meat recently and I’m getting absolutely no benefits, Gary. My fingers still feel like pork and apple sausages when I type.

4.50pm EDT 16:50

They’ve shown another replay of Otto’s “handball” after Dalot’s shot. The VAR, presumably, has looked at it and decided it is not handball because it has come at Otto so fast. But Otto had his back half turned and his arms were kind of hanging out somewhat. In my opinion, it probably would have been given by some VARs, though. And therein lies the problem with VAR and handball decisions. They are open to interpretation and video replays probably don’t help.

4.44pm EDT 16:44

Half-time: Wolves 0-0 Manchester United

Wolves have frustrated United with a perfect gameplan. They look razor sharp on the counter-attack too. United need a rethink. Oh, more housekeeping: Matic was booked for a foul on Jimenez just before half-time.

4.43pm EDT 16:43

45 min: Jota has a swipe from outside the area but it’s deflected out for a corner. It’s not a good corner, though. And that’s the end of a disappointing first half.

4.41pm EDT 16:41

44 min: A bit of housekeeping. Neves is booked for a foul on Pogba.

4.41pm EDT 16:41

42 min: Smalling fails to clear properly near the halfway line, Jimenez finds Neves who pings a perfect pass through to Jota, free on the left. He takes a decent touch to the edge of the area but Romero is out to the edge of his area like a flash and saves to his left as Jimenez runs out of room to curl it around him with his right foot. Great goalkeeping that. He’s not a bad reserve is he?

Updated at 5.01pm EDT

4.38pm EDT 16:38

40 min: Moutinho’s delivery is another corker aimed at Boly’s head. Bodies collide and tumble like dominoes in the United box. On this occasion there are no appeals for a penalty, though. United break and Pogba is cynically brought down by Boly. It’s as clear a booking as you’ll ever see.

Updated at 4.58pm EDT

4.36pm EDT 16:36

38 min: The pace quickens at last! Dalot slams a shot into Otto’s elbow and appeals for a penalty are rightly ignored by Atkinson. It was similar to the penalty United got in Paris but Otto’s arm was at his side and not out to one side. United waste the corner and Wolves break and win one of their own. Moutinho to take it …

Updated at 4.42pm EDT

4.34pm EDT 16:34

36 min: An inswinger is whipped towards Boly on the penalty spot but goes over him and is cleared by Pogba. There’s a shout for a penalty as Boly collapses to the turf with Smalling for company. Replays show that the United defender was giving his a loving hug. Seen them given but the referee and VAR are not interested.

4.32pm EDT 16:32

34 min: Corner for Wolves after Jimenez wriggles away from his marker and wins a corner off Pogba. Will they play it short? If so, it’s a clue as to how windy it is.

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